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    • Norwich City vs Nottingham Forest(away) Tuesday 21st November.
      By morty · Posted
      Aye definitely. Forgot to mention Louis Thompson, who would likely have been a starter this season too.
    • Norwich City vs Nottingham Forest(away) Tuesday 21st November.
      By Fenway Frank · Posted
      A couple of players coming back from injury, plus Godfrey coming back from Shrewsbury would really help too
    • Norwich City vs Nottingham Forest(away) Tuesday 21st November.
      By morty · Posted
      Without listing a load of excuses, I'll go on to do just that. The massive turnover of personnel cannot be underestimated, you're not just dealing with players getting used to new team mates and a new coach, but in a fair few cases getting used to a whole new league in a new country. Injuries, lets not underestimate what has gone on. Jamal Lewis and Pritch looked nailed on starters pre season, we lost both. We hit upon a system with 2 DM's, then Tettey gets injured. We have Cam, who I love, but he can't score for toffee, and we have Nelson, who has had injury problem after problem (and whatever hell the else is going on behind the scenes) and even last night didn't look sharp. Wildschutt, jury still out for me, Murphy, clearly not as good as his brother, Marley Watkins, still not sure there. So frankly, if you want to be realistic, its a miracle we are as well placed in the league as we are!
    • Norwich City vs Nottingham Forest(away) Tuesday 21st November.
      By hogesar · Posted
      Morty, agree with much of that but at the moment the fans need something they can dig their claws into. Look at the unbeaten run - we didnt play great football and we remained pretty poor at home but not conceding gave the fans something to look to as signs of things moving in the right direction.  The fact weve seen little of that in the past 4 games and also, if we're totally honest, dont really look like scoring is a recipe for disaster with supporters - and it doesnt matter if your personal expectation is promotion or fighting relegation, the basic requirement ends the same.
    • Norwich City vs Nottingham Forest(away) Tuesday 21st November.
      By GJP · Posted
      Yeah it's not really about the connection. It's just obvious that Webber uses Mashiter to get his message out.
    • Norwich City vs Nottingham Forest(away) Tuesday 21st November.
      By Canaryboy · Posted
      I managed to ascertain that Mashiter is actually a Norwich fan who relocated to the West Midlands, explains why he is interested. Mutual friend on facebook, Mashiter had a photo of Wembley full of yellow shirts (play off final) as his cover photo. May well be able to pick up the phone to Webber and vice versa, and Webber may be using him a bit, but he's not Webber's old uni mate or some sort of convenient paid-by-the-tweet mercenary. 
    • Norwich City vs Nottingham Forest(away) Tuesday 21st November.
      By morty · Posted
      I'm not blaming the fans, but their expectations and actions will always be a factor. Fans got Worthington sacked, the same with Hughton. You could say it isn't the case at other clubs, but where your board members are fans too, such as here, then they are more likely to listen to fans views. Did it make sense spending 7.5m on Naismith? Financially, most certainly not, but fans had got all Billy big bollox at that point, and expected us to spend money that other Premiership clubs do. I don't remember many even blinking an eye at the time of the transfer. Yes, in hindsight some of the decisions were awful, specifically in contracts, and they will remain a millstone round our neck for a few seasons yet. But obviously he can't keep using the excuse, that would be ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as expecting everything to change in 5 months..... Webber will succeed by making tough decisions that a lot of fans won't like.
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