Madeleine McCann



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'Police investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann have requested more money from the Home Office, Sky News has learned.'

FFS at the last count we were up to £11 million plus. What about all the other missing kids.:mad:


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Yeah, its a similar debate I have seen with Corrie McKeague too, and its is certainly an emotive one, regarding how resources are best used.

I don't like the McCanns, most people don't, and while I wouldn't wish what happened to them on any parent, its in the back of everyone's heads "Why didn't you just pay a tenner for a babysitter?". Also with them being a bit posh, and professional people who are supposed to be better than us commoners, they really did something pretty stupid, that most of us, as parents, just wouldn't do.

All that coupled with the fact that deep down, we all suspect they aren't telling the entire truth.


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Pretty much agree with Morty.

Her parents are refusing to believe that she's most likely dead, because they can't face up to their own role / guilt, should have been charged with child neglect / negligence.

Best thing to do is to whittle the case to one copper on desk duties for a dodgy back, to just write down leads and bang them in a file for ten years.

If she ever shows up it will be as an adult.... walking into a police station saying "I think I'm madeleine mccann".

At which point they can say "Oh yeah, another one, well lets take a swab then... we'll write to you if you are Madeleine McCann".